Seismo-Zombie List O' Wine Resources

Wine Information and Educational Resources

The Wine Page Cellar
One of the best resources, includes a Wine FAQ by Brad & Di Brown (214K), and also reprints the Anthony Hawkins's sources (see below).

A.J's Allegany Wine n' Stuff Homepage
The home site for Anthony Hawkins wine web documents: Wine Grape Glossary, World Wine Vintage Tables, and a Wine Tasting Glossary.

Wine Education Site
An excellent collection of educational materials on wine, from Disarming the Snotty Wine Steward to articles on the Chinese wine industry. A fun site to browse!

Wine and Vines
A great web resource for information on food pairings, grape varieties, wine making, and soil effects.

Les Kincaid's Wine Country
Several articles on subjects such as pairing wine or beer with food, enjoying port, what to expect when ordering wine at a restaurant, and more.

America's Wines
A wonderful site devoted to American wines, with monthly highlights of individual states, a forum for asking questions, and other features.

Strat's Place Wine Page
Includes the Wine Label Library and a bulletin board on Carolina Wine Experiences.
Articles aimed at those who enjoy the wine life.

Robin Garr's Online Wine Tasting Course
Several short but informative articles aimed at the novice in all of us.

Wine Countries
This World Wine Encyclopedia has information on all the wine appellations on the planet, listed by nationality.

Everything you want to know about the legal aspects of wine and drinking.

Wine Reviews

West Coast Wine Net
has wine reviews, forums and articles.

Justin Christoph's Wine Reviews
Reviews and articles from the wine critic of the Philadelphia Sun.

Big Giant Whine Page
Formerly "The Cheap Bastard's Whine Cellar" where David Broudy reviews some inexpensive wines.

Interaxus Wine
Reviews from someone who clearly loves wine. Includes great blind tastings of burgundies! (or is that blind tastings of great burgundies?)

Smart Wine
This site offers reviews with a detailed and informative rating system.

Wine Bargains
Louisville wine and dine critic Robin Garr has reviews for wine bargains. New features include a discussion group, a readers' comments section, and a searchable database!

America's Wines Reviews and Tasting Notes
Read about wines tasted by the authors of America's Wine (see section above).

Wine X Reviews
Wine X Magazine's reviews are based on a simple 3-X scale.

Strat's Place WineTasting Notes
A page of winetasting notes the Strats folks have found informative and/or entertaining.

This site sells a series of wine guides, but also has some excellent reviews of Top Wines of the Month.

Summarizes tasting notes on Bordeaux wines.

Regional Information

Electronic Magazines

Smart Wine Magazine
An top notch electronic wine magazine, with a strong section on Wine and Health.

Wine & Dine E-Zine
The electronic magazine for lovers of wine, dining and travel. Includes a wonderful Table of Contents for their wine articles, listed by wine.

Vineyard and Winery Management Online
A source of viticultural, technical and marketing information for growers and vintners.

Wine X Magazine
An upbeat magazine with an attitude, aimed at wine information that tears right through the mystique of wine snobbery.

Mark Squires' E-Zine on Wine
A nice personal magazine with wine articles, wine reviews and travel photography.

The Wine Trader
The Wine Trader has many interesting editorials and guest columns, including the newsletter of W.I.N.O. (Wine Investigation for Novices and Oenophiles), a California tasting group.

The Wine Spectator Online
Includes some excellent articles, although to access the full site requires a $40 annual subscription fee.

Norm Roby's Wine Guide
"Timely information pointing out the best wines and the latest developments from the wine country" ($24/year online).

Restaurant Wine
Not exactly on electronic magazine ($99 for a year's subscription by mail) but does have articles and advice available online.

Collections of Wine Links

Hot Wine
A beautifully designed site with wine links and informative columns.
Excellent source of wine links. Site URL submitted by Joyce Alston.

Wine Link
A large directory of international wine links.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library on Wine
Another excellent site, with a good breakdown of sites by regional interest.

Sites to Purchase Wine

Internet Wines & Spirits  (see also their Best Buys)
The Wine Deviants Club: Featuring wines from family operations with limited distributions
Wine Enthusiast Magazine
The Wine Guy
Dionysus Australia: Australian Wines
Portugese Wines: Portugese Wines

Wineries, Wine Distributors and Other Merchants That Have Visited Seismo-Zombie

Avignonesi: Italy
Bulgarian Master Vintners: Bulgarian Wines
Cedar Mountain Winery: Livermore, California
Chateau de Messey and Demessey Winery: Burgundy, France
Discount Wines: mostly Australian
Foppiano Vineyards: Healdsburg, California
Gabrielli Winery: Mendocino, California
Georgetown Vineyards of southeastern Ohio: wines and olive oil
Guenoc Estate Vineyards and Winery: Middletown, California
The Uncorked Cellar: Wine software for managing your wine collection
Vickers' Liquors: Rhode Island
WineAlley: Multi-lingual advertisement postings and forums
The Wine Cave (wine storage): Kingston, New York
Wine Search engine to locate wines
Wine Technologies Inc. and Wine Price File: Ratings and Price Information for sale
Enjoying Wine: "Steps to Hosting a Wine Party" video for sale


Wine-Free Wine Pages

WINE here means the WINdows Emulator, so don't serve this to guests!

Whine Search
An Alta Vista web search on fine whines.

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