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A white wine standard, perhaps not as pompous as chardonnay but reliable and refreshing. Typically it has a grassy character, although hints of other flavors -- from pear to red pepper -- can make this wine more exciting than its reputation might lead you to believe.

Wines reviewed to date:

  1. Buena Vista, 1994
  2. Daniel Gehr's Fumé En Vogue, 1994
  3. Kenwood, 1992
  4. Sterling Vineyards, 1994

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Daniel Gehrs Fumé En Vogue (Montery County, Carmel Vineyard Dry Sauvignon Blanc), 1994

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Kenwood (Sonoma County) Sauvignon Blanc, 1992

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Sterling (Napa Valley) Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, 1994 new

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Buena Vista (Lake County) Sauvignon Blanc, 1994 new

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