The Andromeda Galaxy and Companion, M-31 and M-32 (NGC 224,221)

Easily visible to the naked eye on a clear night is the Milky Way's great neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy. Well over a degree in length, it is seen in the telescope as a large, bright, fuzzy, oval nucleus with a dimmer band of light around it, giving it a spiral shape. Detail in the arms is hard to see. The bottom of the bright central portion appears to be cut off by a dust lane.

In the same field of view is M-32, its small elliptical companion (NGC-205, another companion just below the bottom of this sketch, is listed separately.) M-32 is an egg-shaped, shimmering object with a starlike nucleus.

NGC: 224 221
OTHER NAMES: M-31, The Andromeda Galaxy M-32
CLASS: spiral galaxy dwarf elliptical galaxy
SIZE: 160' x 40' 2' x 3'
POSITION: 00h 39m +40d 43' 00h 41m +41d 07'
DATE OF SKETCH: 09/03/75 and 09/14/75