Evil Twins

Evil twins.

We know they are around. They are our dark sides. They are our hatreds and our fears, our predjudices and our anger, the corruption of our souls. They are the embodiment of all we do not wish to be. But they are not allegorical. They are REAL.
Identical twins are relatively rare. Evil twins must be far more common, for we see them wherever we look. Yet most of us choose not to look.

It is a paradox. Nevertheless it is one we cannot ignore. Where do they come from? What do they want? Why won't they leave us alone?

Even with a global population of several billion, the odds of a random genetic duplication are infinitesimal. Yet here they are, same appearance, same age. How can this be?

Doppelgänger, Doppelgänger, who are you? Why are you following me?

They seem to know all about us. How come we do not know about them until it is too late?

They do bad things. Probably they have no choice. By definition, they are beings of evil. Because they are our twins, this can lead to confusion when it comes to the issue of blame.
We see them out of the corners of our eyes.

We see them on the television and in the movies and in books and magazines and comics.

We see them in our dreams and in our mirrors.

Something is wrong. Something is very very wrong.

We cannot avoid the truth any longer. There are evil twins all about. They are among us, in the office and the supermarket and the playground.

There was a flurry of evil twin sightings in the 1980s. But they are not gone. Are they biding their time, waiting to strike again? Or are they already here?

They are everywhere.

They look like us. They are related to us. They pretend to be us. In a sense, they are us. Yet they are also our opposites.

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