The Little Dumbbell (M-76)

At the twelth magnitude, M-76 can be seen as two blobs of light in contact with each other. This is the dimmest of the Messier objects; yet the fact that I observed it with considerable ease only goes to show how great I am... er, how powerful a 6-inch telescope is. M-76 is less than one degree from Phi Andromedae, and its similarity to the larger and brighter M-27 certainly makes it a worthwhile target.

NGC: 650-1
OTHER NAMES: M-76 (Little Dumbbell Nebula)
CLASS: planetary nebula
SIZE: 2.6' x 1.5'
DISTANCE: 8200 light years
POSITION: 01h 40m +51d 25'
DATE OF SKETCH: 10/07/75