The Orion Nebula, M-42 (NGC-1976)

In the sword of Orion, visible to the naked eye, is the Great Nebula in Orion, by far the most spectacular of all nebulae! It is bright and expansive, with a definite greenish cast. M-42 is strangely shaped, and lanes of abscuring dust can be identified -- including the "Fishmouth" which protrudes into the nebula. Wisps of filamentous gases can be observed. In the heart of the nebula is the "Trapezium", a multiple star. Over fifty variables are contaoned in the Orion Nebula, in which new stars are being born. Radio source.

NGC: 1976
OTHER NAMES: M-42; The Orion Nebula
CLASS: diffuse nebula
SIZE: 66' x 60'
DISTANCE: 975 light years
POSITION: 05h 34m -05d 24'
DATE OF SKETCH: 10/04/75